About Aresa

ARESA is a Belarusian brand of home appliances founded in 2007.

Our first products were created in cooperation with German partners. As the company developed, we noticed that the operating conditions in our region are significantly different from those in Western Europe. For example, in Europe food processors, meat grinders, blenders and other small kitchen appliances are not used so often and not with such intensity. Europeans often use half-prepared processed food in cooking; the culture of eating out and fast food is more popular. As a result, the level of reliability laid down by European engineers turned out to be insufficient for us, since in Europe they use home appliances less frequently.

Deeply understanding the specific features of our region, we decided that home appliances produced under ARESA trademark must meet more severe operating conditions. What is more, it must undergo the certification in Belarus, where the system of strict compliance to the National standards has been successfully preserved. Therefore, for increasing the level of reliability we have made it a rule to use extra-strong materials during production.

Today ARESA is the brand of home appliances, designed for increased loads, these are the goods, created specifically for our region!