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 Food processor ARESA AR-1705 can be easily treated as No. 1 in the kitchen.

 It is not surprising, because this food processor allows you to replace at least 6 kitchen appliances:

  - chopper
  - blender
  - grater
  - meat grinder
  - mixer
  - slicer

It can be used for chopping vegetables, preparing dough, baby food, slicing ... and this is not the whole list of possibilities!

Fast and powerful but manageable

The power of the food processor directly determines which products it can process and at what speed. The high productivity of the food processor AR-1705 with its power of 1200 watts allows you to chop even the hardest products.
2 speed modes with smooth speed control allows you to choose the most effective mode for cooking, and the TURBO function allows you to work at maximum speed.
The food processor AR-1705 is also equipped with an innovative motor with overheat protection, which prolongs the life of this device. A nice bonus to the owners of this device is an increased warranty for the motor for 3 years.

In order to prolong the lifetime of the food processor, proper care is very important.
After each use, all parts involved in the process should be thoroughly washed and, after dried and put into storage.


It's not a secret that the functions of a food processor and its culinary capabilities directly depend on the set.

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1. Cubic cutting knife. Gears of increased strength are used in the food processor, which allows it to cope even with the hardest products. Cutting is done in the form of neat cubes of the same size. Salads, all the ingredients of which are cut with the help of such a knife, look especially attractive and appetizing.

2. Disc for slicing/shredding. This disc is useful in cases where you often chop vegetables for soups and salads, prepare sauerkraut. All you need to do is to install a disc and the food processor will do the rest by itself - grate vegetables, fruits, cheese.

3. Mixer attachment. The mixer allows you whip all kinds of soft, liquid products: proteins, cream, etc., to work most effectively with liquid and thick dough, as well as prepare sauces or creams.

4. Potato shredding disc. An irreplaceable thing in the kitchen for lovers of draniki. With this disc they turn out to be light and crispy, because the potatoes are rubbed very quickly and do not have time to darken and lose their beneficial properties.

5. Chopping blade. It chops vegetables and fruits, nuts, herbs, chocolate, cheese, and also copes with meat.

As a separate unit in the food processor AR-1705, 3 interchangeable attachments can be picked out.

  • Blender
    The fully rubberized body of the blender handle eliminates the slipping of the device in the hand. The system of fixing the whisk on two buttons does not allow erroneous actions. The knife is made of stainless steel and equipped with a 6-blade knife, which allows you to grind food faster and better.
  • Whisk
    Allows you to quickly prepare cocktails, beat eggs in biscuits, cream in a cream. The gearboxes used in the blender are designed for the optimal combination of power and speed.
  • Mashed potatoes head
    The attachment is equipped with steel blades that allow faster and better chopping of mashed potatoes, and are also more durable compared to plastic ones.

 To avoid breakdowns and improper operation of the food processor, do not forget to pre-cook the products.
Wash vegetables and fruits without fail and remove seeds from them, if necessary - remove the skin and bones.
If the products are too large - manually cut into several pieces into smaller ones.

Bowl - the heart of the food processor

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The bowl of a food processor is used actively and constantly. In this regard, the main requirements are impact resistance and temperature resistance.

The bowl and measuring cup are made of flexible polypropylene, which allows you to reduce vibration and dampen noise when working with the device.

The main bowl of the food processor has a volume of 2 liters. A large bowl will allow you to cook for the whole family or a large group of guests.


          Portability and weight of the food processor

If you prefer not to clutter your work surface - the food processor AR-1705 model is certainly for you. The curly power cord prevents creasing and avoids tangling during operation.


The presence of the AR-1705 food processor in your kitchen will definitely facilitate and speed up the cooking process,
as well as expand your culinary opportunities. If you cook a lot and often and if cooking is your hobby
- you will never regret buying the food processor.